Thermal insulation for high temperature pipes

for insulation of high temperature pipes and bends 140° C til 1000° C (1100° C)

Stenca HT Pipe/Stenca HT Bend is specially designed to provide a high effective barrier for thermal and acoustic insulation of pipelines operating by high temperatures or where fire protection is required.

The non-combustible heat- and fire insulation consists of prefabricated pipes with a factory applied ceramic cloth. Insulation material has a high compressive strength and has a density of only 245 kg/m3. Thermal conductivity: 0,065 W/mK.

The installation is quick and simple – just wrap the pieces around the pipe and seal them using a special sealant, Stenca Fire Seal.

Stenca HT Pipe is made of non-combustible calcium silicate, which has good insulating properties due to the low thermal conductivity.

Benefits of Stenca HT Pipe

  • Flame resistant to combustion at 1000° C and remain flameless at 1100° C.
  • PH neutal
  • Resistant to deformation in wet, hot and dry conditions. 
  • This environmentally friendly pipe insulation is manufactured from a unique blend of mineral components, and does not contain any toxic ingredients, asbestos, formaldehyde or ammonia. 
  • Excellent acoustic properties. 
  • Tong and groove, which insures a perfect fit. They can easily be cut and formed with simple tools. 
  • Standard thickness is 40 mm. Other thicknesses can be produced according to specific requirement. 
  • Stenca HT Pipe system of 60 mm thickness and with a steel cover has successfully passed a 60 minute Jet Fire Test/Hydro Carbon Test. 
  • Density 245 kg/m3

Surface of the Stenca HT Pipe is covered with an anti-static, UV resistant, and waterproof silicone ceramic glass cloth, which prevents moisture, water penetration and corrosion. The surface is likewise slip resistant, and with the right thickness the surface can give personal protection by not raising above 650 C.

The installment time is often much shorter than by most other products due to there is only one work handling face. The ceramic glass cloth will prevent water penetration protect the surface against damage, why steel cladding in not necessary. The steel cladding is therefore only demanded by fire protection scenarios and by NORSOK class 5.  

By installment and cutting there are no release of any dangerous or harmful particles in the air, which can  damage the respiratory, mucous membranes, or skin of the workers. 

The Stenca HT Pipe does not course any corrosion on the pipes on which they are installed. No chemical reaction happens when the material get in connection with salty water. 

The Stenca HT Pipe insulation can be removed for inspection and then refitted.

Stenca HT Pipe has passed a life cycle test – done in Weatherometer simulating offshore conditions.

Stenca HT Pipe has a long durability.

No Maintenance after installment.

Certified by Det Norske Veritas DNVGL and approved according to NORSOK.

Area for thermal insulation for pipes

  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Ships
  • Industry
  • Brewery 

Key Words

  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire protection insulation
  • Personal protection insulation
  • Noise reduction insulation
  • Insulation of hot pipes
  • Heat insulation
  • Passive Fire