Multipurpose fill and joint sealant

Stenca Seal is a high quality 1 component sealing and bonding material. It can be used for connecting joints or sealing cracks or holes. It is fast curing and doesn’t shrink during curing.

Also available as high temperature resistant seal.

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Stenca Seal

Stenca Seal 302 is a high quality 1 component sealing and bonding. Material based on MS Polymer.


  • Durable elastic, high modulus
  • For sealing and bonding interior as well as exterior, in the building and industrial sector.
  • Paintable with water based paints (alkyd resin based paints may slow down in drying, please test first)
  • No fouling or discolouring (excellent suitable for natural stone)
  • No shrinkage
  • Free of isocyanates, solvents, silicone, phtalate, p.v.c. and plastisizer
  • Fast curing
  • Resistant to UV radiation, weather, (see)water, fluid, mould and chlorine
  • Very good adhesion on almost every surface (even moisty) in the most situations without using a primer (test first porous surface)
  • Wet on wet applicable (repair with the same material)
  • Non smelling
  • Sandable after curing


  • Multipurpose fill and joint sealant for connecting joints, cracks, holes,
    etc. (not for expansion joints) in the building sector.
  • Joints in ship decks (wooden)
  • For carrossories and metal surfaces, for
    bonding metal to metal (can absorb vibrations)
  • High quality glazing sealant, especially suitable for burgglersafe glazing systems
  • Universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding of stone (nonporous), concrete, mirrors, natural stone, gypsum board, polycarbonates, PSPU, PVC, and several more plastics, ceramic tiles, email, cupper, led, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, trespa, wood, glass, etc.

Stenca Fire Seal

Stenca Fire Seal 1200 is a pasty like product that will cure by drying to a hard and high temperature resistant seal.

Sealing joints in fire pipes, heaters, open fire places and ovens. Gluing and joining temperature resistant stones.

Among others not recommended for dilating joints. Not Waterproof.

Surface preparation and finishing
Surfaces must be clean and free of dust and grease.
Very porous surface should be slightly moistened.
Finish with neutral soapy water.
Slowly heating after curing (after 48 hours) prevents air bubbles.

Technical Data – Stenca Seal


Density1,415 kg/m31,010 kg/m3
Curing in 24 hours2 mm2 mm
Shrink agenil.nil.
Skinning time10-15 minutes10-15 minutes
Elongation at break2300%250%
E-module at 100% Mpa2.101.0
Hardness3 shore A600380
Tensile strength2 Mpa3.402.20

1Measured to ISO 9040
2Measured to DIN 53504
3Measured to DIN 53505

Technical Data – Stenca Fire Seal


BasisSodium Silicate
Application temperatureBetween +150C to +400C.
Density2 g/ml
Solids80 %
Open time5-10 min (230C / 55% RF)
Drying time24-96 hours (230C / 55% RF)
Joint movement capability0%
Frost resistant till-150C
Frost resistant during transportYes
Temperature resistance after curing-/+ 1,2000C