Matresses for flange, valve and exhaust

Stenca flange, valve and exhaust mattresses are a perfect, reliable, and flexible solution for insulation of valves and flanges under the most arduous operating conditions.

It is often this lack of insulation that causes considerable heat loss, waste of energy, and creates a high level of noise.

The Stenca Mattresses can be adjusted to the specific task, e.g. they are oil and weather resistant. They will be designed and produced according to customer specification and temperature range.  

The filling for the insulation mattresses consists of ceramic insulation material. Depending on space and temperature conditions, the mattresses can be made in thickness from 40mm to 200mm. The surface consist of a silicone coated ceramic fiber cloth, and the type to be used is a matter of task.
Insulation mattress is fastened by Velcro, and afterwards with straps and buckles, which makes the mounting very easy.

The mattresses are extremely flexible, and they can easily be removed and reinstalled, when the valves or flanges need inspection.

They are suitable for thermal or acoustic insulation in places where liquids are transported at high temperatures or steam production rooms, heating stations, ships or drilling platforms.

The Stenca Mattresses are produced according to customer specifications, why they can be supplied in almost all kind of shapes and sizes.

Area for matresses for flange, valve and exhaust

  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Ships
  • Industry

Product names

  • Insulation mattresses
  • Fire protection mattresses
  • Heat protection mattresses
  • Acoustic insulation mattresses
  • Noise reduction mattresses
  • Exhaust mattresses