Passive fire protection of internal and external control panels, valves and other equipment

Stenca can supply a variation of possibilities in the field of passive fire protection for emergency shutdown valves, actuators, control stations, electrical junktion boxes, marshalling cabinets and other critical equipment located in hazardous environments.

The enclosures will be designed to the specific task to ensure a perfect fit and will be produced to fullfill the required fire application.

Stenca enclosure system has been developed and testet to accommodate the latest industrial standards, and has achieved high levels of performansce to meed the tough requirements in hydrocarbon fire hazard environments. like they are manufactured under strict quality control procedures and practices, in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001.

Which type of enclosure and design to apply, will be decided after the specific application and task. Our engineers can guide to the right choice to fullfill your requirements.

All Stenca enclosure systems are easy to mount and can be removed inspection and refitted.


  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Ships
  • Industry


  • Fire protecting insulation
  • Personel protecting insulation
  • Passive Fire Protection

Cable Tray Enclosure System

Flexible Enclosure System

Includes Lloyd’s Cert. CD/SAS/PB/FIRE/2249

Rigid Enclosure System

Fire Damper Actuator Protection