Compensators with noise supression

Stenca offers different sizes of compensators, also called “Isoflex Expansion Compansators”. They are designed to protect passages, ductwork and other hardware from the effects of thermal expansion, absorb expansion, and vibration.

They are being designed to resist vibrations and hereby the transmitted loads from the Turbine outlet flange and the exhaust pipe.

The compensators will be designed according to the specific task and specification, focusing on the variation of temperatures and materials used. Their very construction is also depending on the need of Protection from high velocity gasses.

As standard, the compensators are designed to a temperature range up to + 5500 C, but they can be manufactured for temperatures up to +10000 C. Should even higher temperatures applications be necessary, it will be possible to design on specific request.

As standard the compensators are designed to fulfill the fire rate A0, which is fire resistant for 60 minutes, but they can be produced to fulfill higher fire protection demands on request.

The solution is build up as a multi-layer solution consisting of different flexible, non-combustible materials, which are mounted on two independent steel construction profiles.

Areas for compensators with noise supression

  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Onshore
  • Industry


  • Protection against temperature related vibrations and loads
  • Personal protecting insulation
  • Passive Fire Protection