Sealing System for Cable & Pipe Transits and Floor Gabs

Optimal protection against Fire, Explosions, Gas, Smoke, and Water

The RISE / NOFIRNO / CONTROFIT Safety Devices for Cable and Pipe Transit offshore and onshore are some of the most modern technologies towards securing cable and pipe penetrations against fire, gas, smoke and water on the market today. Perfect for electrical & Mechanical & Structural marine applications.

These solutions can be combined for different purposes and are ideal for single & multi-pipe (steel, copper, GRE/GRP, plastic) and single & multi-cable transits.

The systems consist of advanced rubber technology. The NOFIRNO rubber grade has excellent properties and will not be consumed by the fire. The NOFIRNO sealant immediately forms a protective layer and char when exposed to flames, in this way protecting the filling and the penetration seal.

The thermal insulation is very high due to the endothermic properties of NOFIRNO in combination with the air volume inside the penetration.

The NOFIRNO system has been subjected to A0/A60 to H0/H120 and even a 2 hours Jet Fire tests without being severely affected.

The installed system can accommodate movements and blast explosions and keep up its integrity.

NOFIRNO is absolutely Halogen Free, has a low smoke index and a high oxygen index.

Areas for Fire, Gas, Water protection and safety precautions

  • FPSO units
  • Refineries
  • Oilrigs
  • Power plants
  • Offshore/Ships
  • Shipyards 
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Industry


  • Single & Multi Cable Transit
  • Single & Multi Pipe Transit
  • Structural Gaps
  • Protection by High Instantaneous Pressure Loads
  • Passive fire protection
  • Passive gas and smoke protection
  • Passive water protection

Selected Solutions


  • For fire, gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations.
  • Compact system. No precise fitting parts.
  • No metal parts, no corrosion.
  • Most cost-effective way of installation.
  • No pre-engineering or special conduit frames.
  • No restrictions on cable tupes and sizes, no insulation in front of the penetration needed.
  • Adding or removing cables an easy matter.
  • RISE EXTEND-A-FLAME applicable for upgrading block systems – doubles the usable space!
  • Proven – for new and upgraded Installations
  • The system of choice in shipyards worldwide for MORE THAN 20 years!


  • Approved for harshest fire ratings for pipe penetrations (A, H and Jet Fire class).
  • Allows substantial movement of the ducted pipe within the conduit.
  • Water tight down to 3 bars pressure
  • High pressure ratings – designed for gas and/or watertight penetrations.
  • Prevent corrosion inside the penetration.
  • Longest service life and best Total Cost of ownership on the market.
  • NOFIRNO rupper sleeves and sealant will remain stable and not be consumed by fire.
  • Breakthrough – MULTI-ALL-MIX SYSTEM
  • Approved for any combination of cable and/or metallic, GRP or plastic pipes!


  • Designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals for pipe penetrations.
  • For transits carrying single or multiple metal pipes with the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic lines).
  • Installs in a couple of minutes.
  • No bolting or other mechanical devices.
  • Absorbs mechanical stresses, vibration and prevents galvanic corrosion problems.
  • Wide temperature range: -50° C up to +180° C.
  • Proven – simple, shortest conduit length
  • The system of choice in shipyards worldwide for more than 2 decades!


  • For applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required.
  • Dynamic sealing when a disaster occours.
  • Plugs are compressible and will return to their original shape after shock pressure.
  • Easily withstands shock pressure loads of up to 15 bar (220 psi)
  • Ideal solution for the columns of offshore rigs and collision bulkheads.
  • Breakthrough – dynamic compression.
  • Based on high-tech rupper and engineering profilling, the DYNATITE plugs can be substantially compressed and get tighter with excessive pressure.


  • Most simple and effective system for all plastic pipepenetrations.
  • RISE/ULTRA C-FIT crushers squeeze down and seal opening during a fire.
  • NOFIRNO sleeves for filling larger spaces.
  • NOFIRNO sealant adheres well to plastics:high degree of water tightness feasible.
  • Breakthrough – adhesion under fire load
  • RISE/ULTRA compound forms an adhesive mass during fire exposure!
  • Approved for a multiple mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes. 

Structural Gaps

The NOFIRNO system is an effective way of closing structural gaps and keep flexibility within the steel structure and at the same make it fire safe, gas and watertight. The optimized viscosity and the good adhesion properties of the NOFIRNO sealant make applying an easy matter. The viscosity of the sealant also allows to form a sloped surface of the layers to ensure that water will drip off in case of leakages in the installation. This system is to be applied for vertical fire protection, and a Jet Fire rate can be acchiefed with the NOFIRNO sealant covered at the exposed side.

For fire safe sealing of horizontal gaps, for instance between walls and ceilings, a combination of the ACTIFOAM/ULTRA and NOFIRNO could be use. 

Technical Data: